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From highlights, it is clear that this guy is another PG. He looks pretty solid fundamentally, handling and shooting the ball. Moves pretty well off the ball as well. I would not call him a premium athlete, probably below average athletically, but looks to have a skill set similar to CS. CS, however, has shown his game translates to the PL, not sure this guy will be able to say that, as the competition looks pretty soft. Not scared to take it to the hole, and he is able to finish and dish in traffic. Not sure he will have the foot speed or quickness to really contribute at this level, but we will see. The knock on the Euro player is typically they play limited defense. Hopefully, that is not the case, as he won’t play at all if he can’t defend.

What is puzzling is the number of PG’s on this roster. MM, CS, MS, this guy, and maybe CR (might be more of a 2). That is 5 potential PGs, and both of your walk on spots, potentially. Not sure it will matter, as he may just be a practice body. But, I will be rooting for George-ee to get some run.