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I believe TK may have game skills similar to GK but with a bigger frame and likely a better vertical leap.

Agree on the frame, but really disagree on the vertical. Check out the one video we have on Kempton – Notably the “block” play that begins at :37 and the and-1 at :46. Also check out the tip-in at 1:10. I’m not sure if his fingers get more than an inch or two above the rim (if at all) on any of them.

Contrast that with this video of Knutson – Check out especially :56, 1:20, and MOST OF ALL 2:08. Gabe has some very solid bounce.

I’m not ragging on TK at all, and I hope (and think) he will develop into a very good PL big man. I also think his sheer size is something we have lacked (including Gabe). I’m just trying to keep expectations in perspective for these kids and at least at this point I don’t think TK is anywhere near Gabe’s athleticism.