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Yeah, I wouldn’t argue with anyone saying Gabe wasn’t a great rebounder. I just wanted to make sure no one is expecting Kempton to come in and start flying around with huge dunks and blocks, which is what I thought you meant by your “better vertical leap than Gabe” comment. Gabe did get pushed around at times over his career, and I think Kempton’s weight will help him in that department. A lot of rebounding is also technique and desire, and oftentimes it just comes down to a player saying to himself that he is going to make rebounding a major strength of his game. Judging by stats alone, regardless of competition, it certainly seems that Kempton has the desire to be a force on the glass. Gabe was very quick for his size, and had very good athleticism for a PL big, and my guess is Kempton will (at least initially) be less athletic and skilled, but also bigger.