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I’m probably not as high on him as others on the board. I agree that his upside is about 10/8. That would be by senior year. I think if you get 6/6 next year, I would be happy. Throw in a couple of blocks, even better. Even that is difficult to project when you are talking about a guy with no offensive post up moves, and no midrange game. Right now, he is really only going to score on the offensive glass or in transition, so hard to put up more than 10 just doing that. Agree that his hands are very questionable, but he has quickness and agility. I think he is clearly going to be ahead of CB, over his career, but they are both offensive projects moving forward. This guy was never a big scorer in high school, as I think he averaged about 12 ppg, when he was the biggest and most talented on the floor.