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It is going to be interesting how coaches set up the frontcourt with personnel and roles. I have said before that I think we see Kempton at the 5, as a starter for the next 4 years. So, Goldy, if a starter, is going to have to play at the 4. If a backup, then he slides to a backup 5 to Kempton. If you go big and start Goldy with Kempton, the question becomes where do you space them on the court in your sets. I think Kempton, as a freshman, is going to more comfortable facing the basket either as a midrange wing shooter, or at the high post. I don’t think he is going to be ready to be a back to the basket player so early in his career. He is inexperienced and slight, and the block is generally no place for guys like that. So, I think if you have Goldy and Kempton together up front, you are going to have to play Goldy down low, with Kempton out a bit on the wing, or a high low combo with Kempton at the high post and Goldy on the low block.

The game is changing so much to either dump to low post and kick out to 3 shooters, or the high pick and roll game at the top. I think Kempton would be a good fit to be the high pick setter for Mackey. Once he sets that pick at 18 or so feet, he could be a good pick and pop option, as I think he shoots it well for his size. Goldy, on the other hand, is going to be more of a high pick and roll guy, as he can’t be a pop off shooter. So, I think I would go with Goldy as a low post energy, banger at the 4, and Kempton at a 5 in the high post. I am hoping that Kempton has a better stroke than Gabe from the perimeter, and can develop a back to the basket game like Gabe. He projects to be a bigger target on the low block than Gabe.