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I am hoping that Kempton has a better stroke than Gabe from the perimeter, and can develop a back to the basket game like Gabe. He projects to be a bigger target on the low block than Gabe.

I think if Kempton can ever shoot it nearly as well as Gabe we should consider ourselves lucky. I know people like to rag on his 3 pt % (which I think is a respectabe 31% sr year – very respectable for a big that shoots them occassionally to keep the D honest). Part of why Gabe was so good over his career was the threat of his midrange jumper. It seemed like at least 2-3 times a game he would catch and face in the 14-18 ft range, pump fake and either 1) shoot it if the D is giving it to him (and he made a high % of those) or 2) use the reaction of his pump fake to set up a drive. I wouldn’t be shocked (we’ll never know) if Gabe shot over 55%, maybe even 60% on those 14-18 footers over his career.

Let’s not set our incoming guys up to fail by setting standards extraordinarily high.