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Trying to rally for football tailgates but few observations:
1. If you ever get the chance to get to the Barn, great facility to watch a college game. Bought tickets way up behind LU bench and moved down 5 rows back, was cool.

2. Yes, inexperience showed as expected, on road in big venue with lights on and 3 rooks on court. Lots of “unforced” turnovers that we did to ourselves. Second half we settle down a lot and played well, chipped lead down to 12 a few times but never hit a big shot to push to sine digits.
3. Player evaluation on new guys:
Chuku – he looked comfortable taking all those 3 balls, but to my memory maybe only one or two were even close. I would have liked the staff to try to get him a touch in post to see what he had. Only offense we saw from JC was 3 balls and offensive rebounds. Will tell you this, his body is going to be trouble for Pl, he is so freeking long, I mean seeing him in person it’s ridiculous how long he is. He had a few nice O boards and tip ins, but right now he is pick n pop guy it seems. On defense he got up and blocked one or two and his length bothered a few more shots. Staff obviously comfortable with him shooting 3 but after his 7 or 8th Reed gave a great look to staff as if to say why he keeps shooting these. JC should be lock for 8 rpg this year and we will see how his O develops. Overall like what you saw from him and can see how he can be an impact guy for us on glass and we need to see more on O end.
AP – really really happy with what I saw from AP, it’s pretty easy to see that he comes from a top notch pedigree because he is heady and smart, huge bball IQ. Deceptively long like CJ, basically carbon copy height weight and length as CJ from CJ frosh year. AP was sneaky on D getting in passing lanes and making deflections and steals, impressed. Smooth jumper and he was not one but shocked by moment, he was prepared and wasn’t rushed at all. Had some nice 3 balls and some run outs, very pleased, will be major minute guy day one as we saw, and pushed in 15 as rook on road. He was most impressive rook of all 5 last night.

Kempton, big boy, who will get stronger and quicker, not a top end athlete but legit center size for Pl and legit post game. Really impressed on his moves, showed calm and creativity in post , finished to both left and right for buckets. Clearly he has an idea what he is doing in post. His upside with tht body which will grow is HUGE, he will start every game of his career. Stayed pretty grounded on D, wasn’t wild at all, but not a quick first jump off ground and not huge leader, both will improve as his career progresses. Upside is best post player ever at LU, we have never had a guy with center size and body that also had offensive game, and he’s both. Note gabe was a 4 playing 5 for us.
Simelton – had a couple rookie moments under bright lights but really liked what I saw in his action. Better shooter then I think we thought, really elevates on jumper and is a good athlete. Need to see more from him and I think we will, he needs more pt. very athletic and wonder how much he eats into CS, Todd saw ya tweet and agree, more MS.
Whitfield – didn’t learn a ton about him, but confirmed what we knew, anothe athletic kid with legit body, and when he was in reed used him to helps with press, and we saw some of his handle, looked good. Highlight was he took a guy off dribble on right side of court and spin moves to hole and got fouled, was smooth move. Want to see more from him.

Clear this class is a uber athletic one, very impressed wih athletic and physical bodies of this class. Upside huge, we will see growin pains but by March I don’t think teams will want to play us.

All above comments were made with 4/5 pregame brews and a lot more post game so take it with grain of salt!’n

Off to minny penn state game.

FYI we need to do road trip like this next year, was so much fun, met ton if LU parents and families, cool times.