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todd you are right, and I was bit hard when I said I was “unimpressed” with my original post. I saw plenty of exciting and promising talent from all the freshman. AP is definitely going to be a big time player in the PL. In the 2nd half, both TK and SW made two spectacular, big-time moves in my opinion. Jump hook with left hand was impressive, along with the spin/up & under by SW. JC is unbelievable active on the glass. I think he is capable of stepping out and making 3s, even if he went 0-8. MM definitely looked great. Also, CS made some impressive baskets.
I was more “unimpressed” with the rotation/combination of players from the coach. I think they will be great if they can push the tempo a little more with the players they have. When AD is healthy, that will definitely help also.
One other concern that I have after this weekend, and I know it’s only one game in, but the other PL teams played great in their first games. Youth is a factor, but Lehigh incoming frosh class is extremely talented across the board, along with JC. Many of these kids played high-level comp during AAU and high school careers. Inexperience and youth is a great way to lower expectations going into season, but it starts to become an excuse as you go deeper into season. Coaching consists of 3 parts on the college level: recruiting, psychology, and “coaching”/development. A+ recruiting, and the other 2 are yet to be determined this year, but it’s early!