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Just rewatched game last night so it is still up on espn3. Man AP I tell ya that son of a gun is one smart player, you can see the Family aau and DCDS pedigree man. I lost count of how many balls he got his hands on on defensive end. He got steals, tips, deflections. Not only that but his positioning was very good. Also underrated part of his game was he started 1-6 or something like that, had a few roll in and out, but he never stopped never lost confidence…was good to see. He will be hard to get off court.

I think frontcourt it’s more clear on how minutes get distributed out, wildcard will be how much SW gets into game action, but CB clearly 5th of 5.

Backcourt is going to be interesting. AP is playing and a lot. MM is going to get his 30+. How CS AD MS and SC break will be interesting. CS had early heads up and it was interesting when MS and CS were in game at same time minus MM that Reed had MS at 1 and CS off the ball. CS had an okay game, forced some shots and wasn’t terribly accurate and got caught down low a lot, but did some nice things. SC is still working his was bak and didn’t look close to 100 percent.