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Just to play a little devil’s advocate, with BJB out and DC not ready to play at this level, our backcourt is not that deep or athletic.  MM and CJ are plus athletes, but CS,SC, and AD are certainly not, and I’m not sure how effective an aggressive trapping or pressing defense would be.  And we have only been playing 8/9 guys with real minutes, which I don’t think is enough to “wear out” other teams with pressure.

I totally support being creative and playing to your team’s strength, but right now, speed and depth are not this team’s strength.  I don’t think a 2-3 will help in the rebounding department, as it is usually harder to rebound out of a zone than man because you don’t always have someone next to you to box out.  However, I do think a 2-3 that didn’t allow Baylor to have 90% of their shots in the paint would have been worth a try.