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It would be great to see HG get to 1,000.  He is guaranteed 3 games, and if he gets 20 a game, he is only 1 point away from 1,000.  So, hopefully he has a strong stretch and can get the milestone.  3 1,000 scorers in the same class would be impressive.  Tonight should be a blowout, so maybe Reed gives him some minutes in garbage time to improve his chances.

1,000 is a little watered down these days considering all of the games they play, the 3 point shot, and the removal of freshman ineligibility.  It is pretty amazing when you look at Pete Maravich and realize he scored 3,667 points in 3 seasons at LSU without the 3 point shot.  His lowest scoring average in a college season was 43.8 as a soph, which he followed up with 44.2, then 44.5.  They charted his college games and based on the modern day 3 point distance said he would have AVERAGED 13 3 pointers per game in his college career, which would have put his scoring at 57 ppg for his college career.  That is just unreal.  Only downside is he hit under 45% for his college career, so he was chucking from the opening whistle.