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I assumed that no one class had ever produced three (3) 1,000 point scorers.  I knew two (2) in a class has been done at least three (3) times with Polaha/Queenan, Mbonu/Krizansky, and Carrington/Hall.  But, a little research and I found out that three (3) 1,000 had been done before in the Class of ’88.  Bill Cheslock, the center on that team, scored over 1,000 as well.

So, next question.  Is the Class of 2013, the best ever at Lehigh?

McCollum/Knutson/Greiner vs. Queenan/Polaha/Cheslock?  In one category, points scored, ’88 wins pretty easily.  Let’s hope we are having this conversation again in 4 years when Kempton/Whitfield/Price are winding down their careers.