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I’m not sure how many here were at the game so let me give a quick synopsis.
1.)Sorry Rich, I saw no football coaches nor anybody that even resembled a possible recruit at the game and I sat right behind the bench.
2.)The last 25 minutes or so was the best team basketball I saw Lehigh play in years.
3.)IMHO, in the absence of CJ, Holden Greiner is the best all around basketball player on the team. He can score inside and outside, rebounds and hustles his butt off. The 3 blocks tonight was a bonus.
4.)Mackey, who is just a tad below Greiner in my opinion, completely avoided a funky spell tonight. When he is consistent, he can be as good as it gets.
5.)I hope I just witnessed the renaissance of Justin Goldborough. The stat sheet has him at 10 rebounds in 21 minutes along with 4 or 5 points. I tried to focus on him when he was in. None of that is a fluke. He was extremely active under the boards. He played good defense. He went up strong with the ball, although he needs to not go up so straight IMO but that will come. His rebounds were all deserved.
6.)Gabe needs to round out his game. He is a tremendous post player but when the ball comes inside, it wouldn’t hurt to kick it back out. He will never be a rebounder.
7.) We still play mostly man but I hadn’t noticed until today how much we tend to double up on the ball especially we our big men. It resulted in a lot of steals and TOs but it tends to leave the perimeter wide open. Tonight, unlike Bryant, they failed to convert.
8.)All in all, superb effort. Lehigh will still be a force in the PL.