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Yeah, Goldy upside big cause he is plus athlete and a long 6’8. His confidence as I mentioned in previous post, seems to be growing, and check out the good Dr quote from post-game.

“Justin has continued to contribute at a higher level in practice,” said Reed. “For him to be able to now do that in a game situation, and ultimately contribute to what we’re trying to build, is a great sign for him personally and also a great sign for our program. We need that rebounding, we need that athleticism, we need that energy around the basket that he’s been able to contribute.”

That is a great quote, seems like JG has come a long way and maybe a light has gone off for him. Certainly getting good coaching and playing against GK every practice certainly helps him out. When you think about LU, with or without CJ, we thought preseason to beat BU we needed a 3rd big to step up and compliment GK and HG. CB has been a disapointment, and many that questioned his upside preseason are asking the same questions still, and many who were vocal for CB have been quiet of late….if JG can contine on trend of past few games, huge upside and future…and can help us versus AU and BU, the two big front courts we’ll face in PL play. JG on Wednesday vs AU will be really interesting, really fired up to see how he reacts to road game versus two big boys.