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I’m beginning to find this SW/AP rotation to be intriguing. MM, CS, TK, and JC will continue to get their 30 minutes or so/game. The other wing position however is being manned by 2 guys with the exact opposite skill sets. SW,from my observation, has virtually no trust in his outside shot. AP has immense confidence in his perhaps because AP is shooting 100% from the FT and SW is shooting only 50%. By contrast, SW seems to have gained confidence taking it to the basket. 87.5% of his shots are inside the paint. AP apparently does not feel as comfortable inside and 72% of his shots are from the 3 point line. SW seems to have a blue collar attitude on defense, playing opponents fairly tight. AP likes (again by my 2 game perspective) to play off his man a lot and then use his reach to get steals.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the long term. Are minutes allocated based on match ups or performance? Practice vs game?