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Does anyone have a clue what got into #44, Conroy Baltimore? Can we count on him in Game 5 or for that matter the rest of the season? If this were a Fantasy league, would you dare start him next week? The numbers are off the wall.

Last 10 games of 2012-13: 8 pts., 4 rebounds in 41 minutes. DNP in 5 games.

First 3 games this year: 2 pts., 1 rebound in 9 minutes.

Game 4 this year vs. Houston: 6 pts. 13 rebounds in 28 minutes.

Did anyone else notice the attendance figure (2,635) Houston reported and did you witness the game on ESPN3? Talk about a disconect! Seems like we’re not the only league to report inflated numbers or there were a boatload of season ticket holders that didn’t show up for the Lehigh game.

Numbers to watch going forward

    Assists to Made FG

When above 50% LU went 19 and 3 last year. This year we’re 1-0.

    Winning the Rebounding Battle

When we did LU went 11 and 2 last year. This year we’re 1-0.

    Defense (D)

I realize we’ve all played a different set of opponents – some good, some not so good – but these figures are revealing knowing we can score but still concerned over our “D.” Numbers reflect standing in the 10 team PL.

Steals 3.8pg 7th
Blocks 2.5pg 7th
Rebounding Margin – 8.2 9th
Scoring Defense 79.8ppg 8th
Scoring Margin -6.8ppg 8th
Defensive FG% .435 6th