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Can’t help but think JC is going to be – make that has to be – a force inside this year, as he’s been showing, if we hope to do anything in the PL. As much as we’re all impressed with TK on offense, there’s eqaul concern (speaking for myself) on defense. While JC may like the 3 ball and has proven to be good/adequate (7 for 20) at it, his new friend had better be the 2-ball and shots with ready access to the lane in support of rebounding. He’s a true leaper (sidelight: he’s one the opening tip in each game played to date) with the muscle we need under and around the rim for put-backs on offense and blocks on defense. TK with either JG or CB isn’t enough. I’m hoping we go 3-big for the next couple of games to address what becoming the “elephant in the room”……rebounding. Oh yeah, looking ahead, there are 6’10″s and 6″9” on the Pitt, Howard and So. Dekota State rosters.