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I’ve never been a big fan of CB, but he has shown an ability to rebound the basketball at a fairly high rate when he gets minutes. Those stats have been put up here for a couple of years. He will struggle on the offensive end, as he is not good at making the catch and finishing. But, he is a willing defender and rebounder. This team has not been a good rebounding team for quite awhile. When you have finesse big guys like Gabe and Kempton, you need to pair them with some size and toughness. I think you need to play another big with Kempton more minutes, and the only choices are JG and CB. Potentially, SW down the line, but he is not ready. If you continue to run out TK with 3 guards (MM, CS, AP), we are going to get murdered on the glass. JC can’t rebound all by himself. I’m fine with an offensively limited 4, when you have 4 other guys on the court who can score the ball.