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A few observations from a board-hopper:

When your PF is second on the team in 3pt attempts, your offensive rebounding is going to suffer. Imo, JC strength is his ability to attack the glass on both ends of floor, and the occasional 3 pt shot within the offense. He has 20 3pt. attempts in 4 games. Offensive rebounds lead to high percentage shots. Secondly, when a team gives up offensive rebounds, the other team gets more than just 2nd chance points. They get high percentage looks at the basket. So, if you play the best def for 30 seconds, but can’t rebound the ball, you just gave up a much higher % shot, and all the foul trouble that goes along with it. Third, exploit mismatches. SW is a 3 imo, with a decent post up game against smaller defenders, or beating wings off the dribble. He has 10 foul shot attempts in 54 total mins of action (only 40% so far from line), whereas TK has 11 in 95 mins, JC 8 fta in 119 mins.
With this team, toughness and rebounding should be an advantage, with high quality shots that go along with it. In addition, you put pressure on the other team’s bigs. Lastly, if you continue to drive the ball too deep against bigger teams (MN, HOU, PITT), shot blocks are like turnovers = 4 pt swing bc you lost a chance to score and gave the other team an easy basket.
One last thing, early in the HOU game, SW & TK ran two man action with TK setting screen and SW coming off drawing 2 def giving TK easy layup. They never ran that play again the entire game? You have to exploit mismatches!