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I agree with pretty much everything in your post randomfan.

For me personally, I don’t care a ton about getting offensive rebounds but I REALLY care about giving up second chance points. Getting offensive rebounds is a luxury, and I’d love to see us (especially JC, JG, SW, and CB) get some more, but this team will never be great at it and offensive rebounding isn’t going to win games for this team.

On the other hand, giving up second chance points is devastating. As randomfan said, an offensive rebound almost always leads to a lay-up. That or a kick out 3. Those are the two best shots you can hope for in college basketball. Not to mention the demoralizing aspect of working extremely hard on D to get a stop, and then not securing the rebound and giving up a second chance layup.

I’m much less concerned about JC’s positioning on offense and our lack of rebounding on that end than I am about our inability to close out defensive possessions.

No matter how well we play on defense tomorrow @ PITT – I’m not sure it will matter since their missed jumpers will very likely be turned into lay-ups.