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As I’ve been told, offense has not been the factor holding CB’s minutes down. He is what he is. Given enough minutes, he will likely get you 4-6 points, mostly on put backs. He is probably the most fundamentally sound rebounder on the team although at 6-6 and with less minutes, he likely won’t outrebound JC.
CB’s problem has been defense. I suspect he wasn’t ready for the physicality of the college game and without superior quickness, a small bump or push seemed to leave him a half-step behind which caused him to foul often or let his man get by him completely. If he has gotten stronger..more physical.. and has overcome this problem, I suspect you will see his minutes go up to around 20/g. If not, it will be back in the doghouse. If Houston was a test, then prospects get better. Pitt however will be the ultimate test.