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All eyes on:

Clean game on “D” – 28 and 22 PFs in our two road games so far. 18 @ home was nothing to brag about either.

Rebound performances from MS, SC, SW, and CB. The group combined for 0 pts. and 4 boards (all by returning player SC) in 38 minutes or time on the court. We need a bench and that won’t do it.

TK’s post play re: quickness and positioning.

If 3’s aren’t dropping, who else can take it to the hole besides Mackey to get to the line in this touch foul world we’re playing in?

Does JG get a start, looking at Houston’s prospective lineup?

Team play (my favorite)….A/Made FGs. 66% and above = “W” 9 out of 10 times. At least in my way of thinking.