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1) Please. Please. Please. Post that photo, 2007, somewhere. It could be an internet sensation.

2) Seriously, are they going to fire Kenny Smith for his halftime interview? Not only did he imply that Duke didn’t scout C.J. McCollum, he implied that Lehigh hadn’t played on national TV. Dude, he played on national TV ON A CBS NETWORK. Perhaps he’s heard of it? CBS College Sports?

I understand LU should be happy to get any national coverage, and I understand, the “little Lehigh” angle is going to be played. But c’mon. That was disgraceful that none of that announcing crew mentioned CBS Sports Network and their PL coverage. If anyone over there was paying ANY attention, they would have plugged CBS College Sports and the Patriot League in that spot.

No surprise to any of us, Dr. Reed and C.J. were the epitome of class in the interview. C.J. did mention that they had played on national television – not mentioning CBS College Sports or ESPN by name.