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Hawks, agree 100% on BJB.  He really can slash off the dribble, with a quick burst first step, but when he gets into the lane, he has no idea on how to finish.  If he could develop some sort of pull up short jumper, his offensive game would rise substantially.  His problem is that if he doesn’t pull up, he is a little small to finish at the rim.  He is trying to take it up to guys 6″ taller than him.  So, I would like to see him focus on his outside shooting and a pull up game off the dribble.  He could also, perhaps, post up smaller guards on the block, but, again, not sure if he has any moves to finish (fade away baseline jumper, drop step).

It’s funny with BJB, I was speaking to my neighbor who has a son the exact same age as BJB, who is also a very good college player.  He played against BJB every year from 4th grade through high school in travel basketball, school basketball and AAU basketball and has seen him play probably 50-100 games at the various levels.  He has never seen BJB play in college other than an occasional Lehigh TV game.  He said to me the other day that BJB has always been a premium athlete at every age, with limitless ability.  But, he never has seemed to progress to what everyone thought he could be when he was young.  Through high school, he was successful on pure athleticism, but because he was so athletic, he never had to develop his game.  He has been raw talent his entire career, but at the college level you need to feature more to have success.  Obviously, he was derailed a great bit by injury, but even now, late in his college career, we are still waiting for him to develop, as we see such potential in his athleticism.  Is he a lock down defender only?  A three point shooter?  A slasher?  I think he could be all of those things, but time is running short.  I am hopeful he can maximize his ability over the next half season, or season and a half.