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This was a strange game for me.  We played a near flawless first half. Really, really tough defense especially on the perimeter. Did a lot of doubling which produced  a bunch of steals. everywhere.
I was very impressed with AD too. Nice spot up shooting, good hustle and tough defense. HG had a real nice 1st half. He is flying to the ball on the glass and diving all over the floor. JG gave me a scare though. From my vantage point, it looked like a guy fell right on his chest as he was sprawled on the floor. He still played fairly actively and as Hoops said made a real nice post move. CB reminded me of JGs outing a couple of games ago. He had 5 boards in 8 minutes and I don’t recall any being gimmes.
I hope Brett is not using Andy’s halftime speech. We tend to come out a bit slow after halftime. Usually we’re back in rhythm after 3-4 minutes. Not tonight. We came out shooting cold and never thawed. Fortunately, it didn’t affect our defense and Colgate shot terribly.
I have to say it. Gabe is completely out of synch and I think it’s psychological now. He looked clearly frustrated. He got the ball a little outside his normal comfort zone early, backed in strong and made a nice 3 point play during the 1st 30 seconds of the game. He was virtually a non-factor after that. He missed 2 fairly easy layups in a short span in the 2nd half. The problem is that next on the agenda is Bucknell and Mr. Muscala.
LUHoops00. The Sixers game is on February 1. It’s a great deal. Club Box, although in the corner of the court, 3 hours of buffet and drinks. Brett Reed and Sue Troyan will be among the guests. Postgame there is a meet and greet with Doug Collins and little talk by the 3 coaches. Cost $89/ticket. I think they sold out in less than 24 hours. Is anyone else going? Are there any questions I should ask?