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What roles do veterans CS, SC, AD, CB, and perhaps JG and DC have on this team?

I think CS is going to have a major role on this team all year. I think there is a very good chance he starts all year, and definitely think he will end up in the 20-25mpg range. SC is a tough one but I don’t think his role will change from the last few years. If we are playing an inferior opponent that he can guard, he will play a decent amount, but otherwise will get spot duty. CB is the emergency big. I only see him getting minutes if TK, JC, and JG all are in foul trouble. JG will play a decent amount I think, but really only if TK and JC are in foul trouble or not producing. At this point it’s hard to see a role for DC since we have basically never seen him play and he still isn’t dressing. All the guards we are bringing in from the last two classes is not a good sign for how the coaches feel about him in my opinion.

AD is the big wildcard for me. I think he still has a definite role on this team and will play when he gets back. I would think that he would basically take a small chunk of minutes each from CS, SW, MS, and AP and probably be in the 15-20 range.