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From two games this is what I learned, not means it holds for whole year, but my observations are.
MM and AP are top two guards and get 30+ mins a game.
CS is your third guard right now, and will continue to get starts due to experience, and is in that 20-28 mins per game role. Whether he is at high or low end of that range depends primarily on MS, how much can MS eat into that. I like what I have seen from MS, and want to see more. AD is hurt, who heck honestly knows what’s going on, is it really short term? We can’t pretend to know cause mum is the word. If fully healthy AD is fighting with CS and MS for backup guard duties and roles 3-5 in frontcourt. SC, hasn’t shown he can defend or use dribble on O, he is 5-10 minutes agame guy who u bring in if they packing in a One on TK, in hopes he shoots ya out of it. Front court JC and TK are top two, JG and SW will battle for third big spot, SW rebounds well for size it seems, he played more vs rider then JG. I know CB is fifth and buried.

Regarding DC, until we are him in a game probably not even worth mentioning right now. He is recovering from injury, in dog house, and has shown nothing so far.

Top 8 right now is clear: mm ap CS JC TK ms SW JG