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I am no expert on European basketball, but I think the best Israeli team(s) don’t play in the Israeli league. I think they play in Euroleague. I’m talking about teams like Maccabi Tel Aviv, who is the best Israeli team. So, he is probably playing against the best in the Israeli league, but far from the level of Euroleague. I, too, recognized that first dribble in the open court, and the two handed jams. Errick has some hops, and quite a shotblocker for a guard. He would have looked good in Lehigh Brown and White. I don’t know much about Goshen College, but he was probably same as CJ, undersized and neglected by the bigger schools.

I think Jerrod Mintz from Lafayette is playing in Israeli league. Marquis Hall is putting up some decent numbers in Iceland. Ojo is averaging double figures in the UK, and Buchberger is in double digits as well.