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You are definitely right about the similarity between the two brothers. So many of the same moves, even noticed the initial dribble on the fast-break looked exactly the same. Also, never quite realized this before, but after watching the video, both always dunk with two hands. I can’t ever recall CJ trying to throw it down with one hand. Fundamentals. They clearly spent hours upon hours together trying to perfect their games together.

Found some stats on the listed 6’1″ Errick – he leads the Israeli National League in scoring with 24.4ppg, while shooting 58.5%. Also about 8rpg and 3.3apg. Top 10 in the league with 2.2spg. So very much a well-rounded player like CJ. The entire top 10 in scoring in the league are American players, mostly smaller D1 schools, though #6 on the list is Marcus Ginyard from UNC – he was the only name I really recognized. It will be fun to keep an eye on him, he is still only 24.