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The Express Times game recap above. Read down to the last quote from CJ regarding 2,000 points. He said: “…I’d still be happy if I could win four championships.” Obviously at this point, the most he could win is 3, but you get the point. He wouldn’t just come out and say he is leaving anyway right now, but I like hearing that from him pretty much unprompted.

Personally, I’d be surprised he would be higher than 2nd round, at best, this year so I would not expect him to leave. Spoke briefly to one of the scouts at the game Saturday (who also saw him in person earlier this year OOC) and he emphasized CJ was ‘efficient’. His numbers are great, but I think there is certainly room for more efficiency offensively in his game (i.e. 3 pt%, his games vs. BCS teams and Bucknell-Cohen). 10-16 Saturday from the field was one of his better games this year in terms of % and I think NBA teams would be looking for that to be improved. So I think he tests the waters, but returns for his senior year.