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1.   Burnatowski made the American East all-rookie team.   That obviously makes him one of the league’s top freshmen.  I doubt there were more than two frosh who were better than him statistically.

2.   Burnatowski started as as freshman and a soph at Maine.   As a soph, he started ahead of Fraser.  So if you think he sucked, then what does that say of Fraser?

3.  Burnatowski played major minutes the first part of his sophomore year at Maine before his problems with Woodward escalated.   In fact, he led them in scoring in two of the first three games his sophomore year.

4.  Burnatowski is not a post player and doesn’t spend much time at all down low.   At Maine,  well over half his shots were 3-pointers.   That is one reason his shooting pct is not high.  But  he was close to 48% on 2-pointers.   His shooting pct on twos this year is actually lower than it was at Maine.   He has continued to shoot a ton of threes at CU.

5.   Burnatowski was rated very highly coming out of H.S.,  so his success at Colgate (and making all-rookie in America East) shouldn’t be a great surprise.

6.  I said that I think Fraser is a good player.  Not trying to knock him.