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There was some AAU video of Kempton that I had posted on here awhile ago.  If you search him on Youtube or Google, you will find it, surely.  Or search his AAU team (can’t recall the name off the top of my head but Arizona or AZ something)  In the video, if memory serves, he was mostly featuring a face up shooting game from midrange (top of the key and wing).  He was a beanpole, and the video never showed him finishing on the block over a defender.  He looked raw, but this was video from his junior summer.  When the game reports from Brophy this year spoke of his game down low and putting up 30+, I was thrilled, as he is not going to put up 37 unless he is scoring down low.  Plus, he has obviously gotten bigger (height and weight).  I will try to locate the old AAU video and repost.  I never saw the football clips.