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I think this is a somewhat legit comparison Hoops.  And really, it is all we have to go one from the FIBA tournament as putting it into relevant context.

The caveat for me however is that in that tournament and on the GB team, Ali Frasier was definitely asked to shoulder a large portion fo the scoring load, whereas Jesse probably was not.  This could have simultaneously hurt Frasier’s reboudning #’s while helping Jesse’s.  What this does prove, beyond doubt for me, is that Chuku can absolutely be a rebounding force at this level if 1) he wants to and 2) he’s asked to.  I also think he could turn into a pretty good offensive player judging by the video we have seen of him and his athleticism and comfort with the ball for someone his size.  Look at a guy like Malcolm Miller at Holy Cross who is probably somewhat similar athletically, but I think Jesse is way ahead of him skill wise (judging by small video samples which I realize is a very dangerous game).  And Malcolm is a pretty solid Patriot Leage contributor.  I don’t think many low to mid major teams are oozing with skilled 6’7 athletes.  I was not super high on him from his KUA video, but his highlight tape from the FIBA tournament seems to display to me some pretty special traits for the PL.