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The lack of video IMHO is directly related to his lack of involvement with recruiting services. I put very little emphasis on them anyway since they essentially hi-lite films. Brophy doesn’t put much of anything online. Did CJ has any video online in HS? My optimism with Kempton is based on several factors.
1.)As Hoops alluded, he seems to have very good height/weight dimensions for the PL I see him only getting a bit bigger and stronger.
2.)He comes with good genetics. That also means that he has likely been exposed to how the play the game the right way. I wonder how much exposure he has to the Suns since his father is a radio broadcaster there.
3.)I actually like that he played football. I’m not buying the “where his heart is” theory at all. Coaches love athletes who play multiple sports because it shows versatility and because they have a much larger upside when the begin concentrating on a single sport. I believe it was Higgins who told me that.
4.)He is currently the consensus #1 PF in Arizona. He can post up as well as shoot from the outside. I believe I read that he is also a good foul shooter.
5.) His stats show that he can rebound (he better with his height at the HS level) but he can also score in bunches in spite of double and triple teams. I think he recently scored 34 of his teams 49 points in a game.
Does any of this translate into being a great college player? I’ve learned a long time ago that there are plenty of athletes with big reputations that don’t pan out and many others that seem to blossom late but I’m very optimistic.