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I’m sure it was more complicated, but Burnatowski didn’t do s**t at Maine.

“He was one of the top freshmen in America East in 2009-10 and was a Maine starter.”

How was he one of the top freshman when he averaged 6.4 points per game and 3.7 rebounds per game or am I missing something.

“During his sophomore year, his attitude deteriorated further and Woodward finally cut into his minutes”

His minutes also didn’t drop a ton into his Soph year, dropping 2 per game on average. Now you’re probably right, I’m sure if I went through game log his MPG was tilted in the first half, but my point is he averaged 6.4 and 6.9 ppg in his two years on campus, while shooting 40% from the field in both years, not great for a 6’7 guy who spends time down low. He didn’t get a ton of minutes cause he mostly sucked. Fraser averaged 5.5 per game in his frosh year or last year on campus for Burnatowski and shot 55% from the field that year, and has gone on to be a very good player. Either way, who cares, was just an interesting parallel that you had to pick apart!
Let’s go LU.