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I know you didn’t ask me Hoops, but I’m goin to go ahead and take a stab at your question anyway. I think LU and HC are a toss up at 2/3.

1) BU – I think Hoffman will be a great pick up for them. He plays for a top H.S. program and I have read that he is having an A-10 caliber senior year. He should also fit in extremely well in their system. Hass puts up insane numbers against weak competition, but it certainly appears to me that the kid knows how to put the ball in the basket. Could be a tough adjustment for him initially. And Frazier the PG has been playing against elite prep school competition for years and seems like he could contribute as a steady floor general type from Day 1. FWIW, Frazier is ranked ahead of Chuku and Eric Green (HC) by NERR.

2) LU – A lot of wildcards here. Chuku missed his entire jr year so it is hard to know what other offers he may have had. Definitely has an interesting skill set and clearly loves to shoot the 3. Reminds me of Greneir as far as build and athleticism. His behind the head shooting form scares me a bit, and I’ve yet to see him put it on the floor much, but who cares how it looks if it goes in. Devon Carter seems to have had a slightly dissappointing sr year but looks like a very good athlete for this level. He did not have a ton of offers when he committed, but does seem to be well regarded locally and clearly by ESPN. Goldsborough got off to a really slow start but has picked it up lately although his team is awful despite two D1 players (albeit against good comp). There is little to no info and video on him, so it is tough to judge. Someone said he had a bunch of offers, but I have not found evidence of any other offers anywhere on the internet.

2A) HC – Cullen Hamilton is another guy putting up great numbers against weak competition (but better comp than Hass), but appears to be a solid shooter/scorer. Eric Green is by all acounts a super athlete for the PL which should play into Milan Brown’s system. He also plays for a top prep program and should handle the transition to the PL well. The big man Baker seems to be a bit of a project, but has a great genes, and big man are oftentimes a crapshoot.

4) AU – Only two incoming guys that I know off in Jesse Reed and Zach Elcano. Elcano held offers from Fairfield and U Del as well as interest from Davidson, Winthrop, and some other good mid major programs. Looks like a good get for AU. Not a lot of info on Reed but he prepped in order to go D1 but it looks like AU was likely his only offer when he committed.

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