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I think DC is going to be a starter next season. Obviously, you have 4 returning starters (CM, GK, HG and MM). JH is gone as is JA, who have started this season. So, possibilities next year are AD, SC at a 2 guard spot, CB at a 4 spot (don’t see them as likely starters), don’t see CS as a starter (back up at PG), so it comes down to BB or DC, or another frosh like Chuku (2 or 3) or Goldsborough (4 spot). I think DC is probably furthest along at this point, so I think the only possibilities are really DC or BB. If it goes that way, Lehigh is going to be rather small in the starting 5. I guess it is possible that KM can come back and be a starting 5, moving GK to the 4, HG to a more natural 3, with CM at the 2, and MM at the 1. That would probably be the best case scenario.

Lehigh needs this incoming group to be a very strong class. Cupboard is a bit bare other than the current junior class. Really in the sophomore and freshman classes you are only getting large contributions from MM, and an emerging BB, with a smaller contribution from CS.