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Good find, also will note there are some good videos on KUA web site from this past season. This video, very similar to the other ones I’ve posted, lots of 3s and putback dunks/layups. I think he is longer then HG and probably more athletic, but yes, most accurate comparison to someone currently on the team. HE will be able to run the floor with MM/CJ/BJB/DC and get a lot of dunks in transition. What we’ve not seen from him in any video is the ability to beat a guy off the dribble, maybe that is his next step for growth in his game. He should be able to D up almost all the 4’s in PL with his length and athletic ability, but by no means a clogger. He is a good find for PL, he should do well from day one, expect atleast 15 minutes a game next year with our weak front court.