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Sitting here watching Adams and Andoh’s former high school team easily walk to a second state title and the girls won too.
First, so proud of the team, especially proud of the seniors. As expected, looking forward to the other players. A few observations. HG ankle appears healed, I think mentally he could not get back in the flow. When JA came in and did as well as he did, it was difficult for HG to re enter the starting spot. When Adams started a few games last year, HG seem to have trouble with confidence. If there is no one to challenge him next year, he will be fine. Watch his body language when he does not do well. GK stepped up big time, the toughness in that Duke game was incredible and oh yeah, my man Maneri, sliding under the table. Have you guys seen the photo with that intensity as he slid under the table? Awesome. In regards to JH, Reed made him the starter, so we had to live with that decision. CB will take care of business, no worries. As for the new recruit Goldsborough, not sure about his toughness, may look good preseason, but the PL is another another story. JA, JH, way to go guys. Way to represent!
I look forward to another run, but talent alone will not get it done. JA and JM were leaders down the stretch. Will we have unselfish seniors next year? Teamwork and defense win games! Go LU! I can’t wait until next year!
Oh yes, I hear all the comments about Hamilton, but let’s not forget, the seniors were a huge part of the win against Duke. Give them credit, Reed did!