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I agree Logie is ahead, but Neptune has now been an assistant at Hofstra (a program not unlike Lehigh is some ways), and is now going to sit on the bench with one of the best coaches in the country (and Jay is a hell of a recruiter). Logie is out in the hinterlands of Washington, coaching D3 (good D3, but D3 is glorified high school basketball). Two very different worlds.

I know we rarely recruit locally anymore (Philly or NYC), but Neptune grew up in NYC, has coached in Metro NY, and Philly and should have some real recruiting ties in probably the 2 biggest basketball markets in America. Plus Jay Wright seems to have had a pipeline from the powerhouse Northern New Jersey prep schools for a decade. If we could ever tap into that, even the low end guys at those places would secure NCAA trips annually. Not sure who Neptune recruited while at Hofstra, but I will be curious to see him recruit at Nova. I am in on season tickets at Nova, with a bunch of Nova alums who are well tied in there, so I should be able to get a pretty up close look at him.

I don’t remember Neptune that well as a player, but didn’t he captain a Lehigh team, start a couple of seasons? Wasn’t a great era of Lehigh hoops. Lehigh has played Nova in the past, but it has been quite awhile. I remember going to Dupont to see them, but probably 10 years ago.