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At the beginning of the year, with the loss of KM, we all spoke about how big JA and JM were going to be for LU off the bench to help out the front court. Never in a million years could I have predicted how big these two would be for LU down the stretch. Both of them were unbelievable last night, leaving announcer to forget that JH was even part of their class, which is classic cause JH has been starter all year and captain of team. JA doesn’t even hesitate on the 3-ball, just popping from everywhere, and JM showed his nice assortment of post moves and hustle. With the diminished role of HG due to ankle, these two have filled in and then some. CJ was great last night, MM got to the tin when he wanted which is standard operating procedure cause PL guards can’t contain MM off dribble….my boy BJB is chipping in with critical minutes, huge minutes off bench and consistent minutes off bench, exactly what AD and SC haven’t done all year. BJB is superior on defense and this swap has been huge to round out rotation. BJB plays hard on defense, shown enough with the jumper from 3 and more importantly hit the glass and is another plus athlete for LU. That runnign tip in was insane last night…love HC with the win, this is getting interesting..