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Agree, Hawkineer. At best we are a longshot w/o BB. Do think O will not mail in any more games this year. Matt will be fine. We’ll score perhaps not as much.
Realistically ,do any of us really think an extra week wil rectify our D? I hope it will help.If Andy can get it to mediocre, we should win 2. If not 1 win will be a miracle.

Leaving aside co-Ds ,the sole issue is the Dline. Most of the rest of our problems stem from that.The players we have our tal and athletic ideal for 4-3 set bt absent run stopper useless in a 3-4. LBs are fast,athletic and light.Since DL cant keep OLinemen off them they can do little to stop runs particularly up the middle. DBs are actually decent but with little pass rush and poorly schemed blitzes they are hung out too long. Been biching abot Hill always getting caught out of position. I was wrong. Not his fault he and Ward are forced up too often to do LBs job as DL does not protect LBs from opponent’s OL blocks.
One genric fault for front 7 is the complete lack of gap control. Poor play or bad D calls ,not sure.
Sanguine about fixing all of the issues by Cross.

Trying to do the same as we have all year makes no sense to me. The next 3 are all do or die games.If we can play at the same level as at Princeton we’ve got a shot.OL ,IMO is the key on O.
On D, I WOULD DUMP 3-4 ,GO 4-3. 2 DTs inside should limit gut busters.From what I’ve seen Cross runs are Guild outside and Pujols. 4-3 allows a wider spead with front 7. We’ll see.