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First, we can all agree that the record did not reflect the quality of this team. There were far too many smoke and mirror wins, especially early. We all knew the defense was inept. This 2013 team was nowhere close in quality to teams of the previous three years.

That being said, the overall performance today is on the coaching staff. McHale, despite being a junior, had played one quarter of football. During that one quarter, it was clear the he could not throw the ball. Shafniskey had played well and had led the team to two straight wins. He earned the start. Marty Horn was saying on the radio how McHale allowed the coaches to use the entire playbook. That was the entire playbook? Read-option, read-option, pass was the entire playbook. MCHALE CAN’T FRIGGIN’ THROW. Coen and Cecchini coached scared today. They had no trust in either QB. One because he’s a freshman and one because he can’t friggin’ throw.

We all knew the defense was a problem. The HC (lost to GU today) and CU (destroyed by FU today) games gave false hope that they had figured things out. This defense put so much pressure on the offense all year to score every time they had the ball because they were always playing from behind. That has to get exhausting and I think it took a toll on the whole team. Championship Lehigh teams have always had a solid to dominating defenses. As we moved further from the Kotulski era, the defense continued to worsen until we got the 2013 mess. Until Wilcher is gone (the secondary was awful as well), Roberts is responsible for the D-Line only, and we hire a real D-Coordinator, championships and playoff wins will not happen. Think Gilmore and Kotulski and Bottiglieri.

We’ll see if Coen had the guts to make some tough decisions regarding his staff. This program, these kids, and the fans deserve better than what the coaches gave them today and on the defensive side, this year.