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No question, my response immediately post-game was over the top. But it’s frustrating when this board highlights issues for a full season – as amateurs – and we don’t see clear attempts to correct them. There are certainly things I don’t know and can’t see, but the QB situation was baffling – where does that responsibility go? OC seems to have plenty of fans here, and I think O has generally been a strength, for many years. I think the DC situation is a legit problem.
Frustration and beer are a bad mix – it’s a fact. But I’m sorrynotsorry for raging about losing to the ‘pards in year that, while not up to recent standards, we were the better team.
Sorry to all if I crapped on the board, but I was pissed. Sitting at a viewing party that included pard fans didn’t help, I’m sure. I’ll do my best to sleep it off before blasting away next time.