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Ok, I just spent some time reading Lafayette’s board. Before I totally lose my mind, please answer some questions for me:

a couple of people on their board continually call our students and players taunters. Can someone please explain what incident(s) this comes from? I know they believe they are paragons of virtue in Easton, but at last years game, when I had to sit in a Lehigh section on the home side, they had students wearing F%#* Lehigh t shirts, and of course, they had to stand directly at the bottom of our section –really classy!

Second, what makes them think their Frosh QB is so much better than ours? Reed threw four picks on Saturday, but they have excuses for each one.

Third, they all think than their Sheurmann is so much better than our Sherman. I just find that annoying.

Considering the state of their program, and the overall body of work this season, their confidence (bordering on arrogance) is very unwarranted, in my opinion. I am sooooo looking forward to a victory this Saturday.