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Student taunting has been here since before I started at LU.If anything it is less than in my day but ore vulgar.

On the field probably relates to team practice of celebrating on top of their mid field logo after the wins. Also to a CB from the late Lembo early Coen days who was to put it mildly a royal pain in the ass that the entire PL hated. He backed up his mouth by being the best DB in PL which aggravated them all even more.

Pard board is a study in psychotic mood swings. Frustraton understandable given that talent levels in Pl not all the different yet Pards continue to lose with a HC that does make so many WTF calls in games. Right now they are in the manic phase wherein the players are all studs.
What they do have is a good D. The personnel matches are pretty even,our slight edge is in overal team speed and confidence.