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Great recap, Lehigh90! I would go with your picks right down the line and underscore the need to give Corey Schaefer more minutes and start, without question, Tim Kempton at the “5.” Who gets time at the 3 and 4 is anyone’s guess. It’ll depend, I suppose, on the player’s progression on defense – a Reed staple – and the game by game need to either big or small.

At the “Point:” Tell me we’re not blessed to have Mackey, Corey, and a boatload of expected talent arriving this summer. I can think of 9 other PL teams who wish they had what we have. Here’s a quick at our two stars at the point.

Player / PPG / FG% / 3FG% / FT% / A-TO Ratio

MM / 11.9 / .429 / .303 / .788 / 1.65
CS / 4.6 / .455 / .396* / .759 / 2.75**

* Assuming BJ is not returning, CS’s 3FG% represent the highest on the team if you exclude – which I did – Devon Carter’s 1 for 1 from beyond the arc.

** While the official PL Stat page shows Lafayette’s Tony Johnson to have led the league in A/TO Ratio last year @2.1, I contend the honor goes to our guy, Corey, @2.75. The PL says, ” To be ranked, a player must appear in at least 75.0% of their team’s games.” Well, Corey played in all 31 games. So, I don’t get it!

Two scary thoughts, again assuming BJ is not returning:

1. We return just 45.3% of our scoring with MM represented 79% of that!


2. We return just 43.7% of our rebounding.

No doubt, a giant challenge awaits us. But, from scanning the league websites and message boards, we’re not alone.