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You guys nailed this yesterday, few comments on different topics listed above.

1.) I think AP has a lot more to his game than SC’s spot up shooting, that was apparent to me from the other night. AP will attack off dribble when opportunity is there, SC hasn’t shown that yet in 2 years on campus. Love SC, but he is spot up 3 point specialist right now, he can and will need to develop, but AP has more dribble to his game.

2.) JC is definitely a Greiner type 4, but bigger and longer, but not as quick as Holden. With that, I think he is a 4 man, definitely not a 5, and until I see him again for first time in a year and a half next fall I think he’s to big for a PL 3. I think a lot of reason we’ve gone 3 guards is personel, we’ve been guard heavy and frontcourt week. I think SW is a key swing man here for this lineup, if healthy, he could be your athletic 3 man at a 6’6 that backs in on smaller 3’s and is too quick with the dribble for bigger 3’s. He is a matchup problem, I like his game. So what I think we have is a guarantee in TK at the 5, think he starts day 1 as otehrs agree with and mentioned, JG as we’ve seen can play the 4 or 5 in PL with his length, and JC I think is a 4, definitely not a 5 and maybe can slide down to a 3 but I don’t think so at this point. SW I think you can play at the 3 and maybe the 4 in PL cause he is an athlete. SO I think best thing is you got flexibility. Start TK at 5 and if he has to come out you can slide JG to the 5 and let JC or SW at the 4 with 3 guards. If you want to go big you can have SW at 3, with JC or JG at 4, and TK at 5, with two guards. Lots of options next year, which is so exciting.

3.) Agree early on AD and CS get PT, but will be interesting to see if SC keeps developing and how AP/MS do in battle for minutes versus AD, CS, and SC. None of these 3 have proven they’re all league guys, more role guys through atleast half of their careers and 3/4 in case of AD, so if one of the incoming guards breaks right they could unseat one of these guys. We know what we got in backcourt, and we should be fine there especially if one of the three incoming guards break right, but key to next year is getting atleast two of the 3 from the SW/JC/TK camp breaking right. If thath appens, we should be able to compete again for title.