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There are so many unknowns to next year. I suspect that is why projecting can be so much fun. We don’t even know how the “knowns” will develop from having to be role players to go to guys.
1.)I hope you are right about AP. Statistically, he has only attempted 89 2 pt shots in 28 games. Throw out estimated fast break layups and I think you are down to 2-3 attempts/game against HS competition. By contrast, he has taken 181 3 pointers. Dribble penetration will not get easier among the trees next year.
2.)JC is still very much of an enigma to me. All I know is that he has a great basketball physique and is a bit raw. Film indicated that he can shoot the 3. England suggested that he stays around the basket. Time will tell. SW, to me at least, may be a little smaller version of HG. I would describe the latter as a high energy guy, capable of going inside or shooting from the perimeter, very active on the floor, rebounding, diving for balls etc. The little I read about SW, I see the same type of player. I would like to see him start at the #3 which leads me to…
3.)I think that we have the potential of actually out-rebounding opponents this year if we go with the traditional bigger lineup. We certainly lost some scoring but I think we gained athleticism and physicality in the front court. The question then becomes who do we get our points from. MM will get his. I agree with Lehigh90 that TK could be a 12/8 guy. I the combination of #2 guards (any combination ) can get us about 25-28 ppg, we can be in pretty good shape.