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I’ll throw my hat in this ring.

PG – Mackey (as has been said, this one is locked in, although I bet Reed really hopes he stops needing to sit Mackey a couple times a season for showing up late to team functions)

SG – Corey Schaefer (I could see AP here as well, but I think Reed will go with Corey’s stability and scoring here. It helps that with Miles Simelton coming in, we have three point guards so it is easier to shift one of them to the 2)

SF – Anthony D’Orazio (returning starter and likely captain with MM, he will pretty much be asked to do what he did this year, with a little more scoring punch hopefully)

PF – Jesse Chuku (we haven’t seen him play, but the staff has been watching and working with him the past year and I think that gives him a step up on the freshman. And we have all seen the video that shows his athleticism)

C- Justin Goldsborough (by default this spot is JG’s but I think Kempton will get a lot of minutes as well)

From the bench guys I expect AP to get quite a few minutes. By all accounts he has a great bball IQ, is a good defender, and can hit shots. All things this team needs. Freshman aren’t typically great defenders and smart players but I think AP bucks the trend. SC needs to take a big step to be more than a 10-15 mpg guy off the bench. CB will get about the same 10-15 mpg. Simelton will need to really impress to see the court. But I could see him get some time at the 2 and being asked to score. SW is a wildcard but could bring a lot if he is healthy. DC is in a tough spot. Coming off injury and a new crop of guards in front of him. TK will get a long look as he will likely be the biggest guy on the team and more skilled than JG (I hope).